Professional & Experienced Staff

Our staff is highly selected and trained to help make patients comfortable when they come to an appointment and have a procedure. We describe procedures in detail, outline risks, and answer all questions. In addition, we have an aesthetically appealing office, offer light beverages to all patients, give rides to and from procedures if needed and go the extra mile for patients to help get a good result and a happy patient.

Gary N. Dunaye, MPAS-PA

While serving in Vietnam, as a Marine combat corpsman, Gary became interested in the therapy of head and spinal injuries. After graduating from PA medical school, he entered one of the only training programs for PA’s in Neurosurgery associated with the Veteran Medical Center, along with graduate medical studies at the Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine.

After completing his training, he moved to California where he began working with injured workers with head and spinal injuries. Gary has been improving injured workers for 20 years, and he has developed both functional restoration programs and medical software for the injured patient.